Update: April 21, 2017

Marissa’s father and I go to talk to Josh Smith from Pep Boys located at 3532 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303 to have a discussion about what was done to Marissa’s vehicle. The reason for not going on April 19, 2017 is because when Pep Boys called to tell Marissa that her vehicle was ready to be picked up, she had about an hour before she had to be at work. She would need a ride back to Pep Boys from Enterprise Rent A Car.

Marissa’s father, myself and Marissa decided we would wait until the following day April 20, 2017 to turn the rental in and have a discussion with Josh the store manager (with whom we had been dealing with at Pep Boys) about what was done to Marissa’s vehicle.

The rental was returned back to the kind folks at Enterprise Rent A Car 2443 Montgomery Hwy. Dothan AL 36303  (334)-792-6868 We then proceeded to drive to Pep Boys. Marissa’s father explained to the crew member that was behind the counter who we were, and that we needed to speak to Josh. Well Josh happened to be off that day.

April 19, 2017 Marissa’s father spoke to Pep Boys claim adjuster Trina Kinard (215)-430-9095 EXT. 9692 and advised her that no one had given permission verbally or written to take our daughters engine out of her vehicle and replace it with a junkyard motor! This was not going to work!  She then advised Marissa’s father that there was nothing more she could do on her end that all they had to do is make her whole, all while she was insinuating that Marissa’s 1999 Infiniti QX4 (which she loves) was worth nothing more than a junkyard motor and to take them to court.

April 21, 2017 After stewing on everything that has taken place over the past two days, Marissa’s father and I meet up at Pep Boys to try again to discuss with Josh what has been done to Marissa’s vehicle, I arrive prior to her father. I walk inside and the crewmember behind the counter asks if he can help me. I told him I was waiting for my husband. Keep in mind…..these folks know who we are! As I wait for my husband I notice a man sitting in the corner at a table by the pop machine, he’s wearing Pep Boys attire but I’ve never seen him before.

Marissa’s father arrives, walks in asks to speak to Josh. Well after a minute or two, three Pep Boys employees emerge from the door, Josh being one of them. My husband then shakes his hand and begins to acknowledge that he recognizes Josh Smith from Advance Auto where he once was manager. Marissa’s father then tells  Josh that Advance Auto is a good place, good reputation, they back up stuff  Josh agreed. Marissa’s father then asks Josh to explain what was going on with Marissa’s vehicle. Josh proceeds to tell him that her motor was knocking and you couldn’t hear it at idle you have to run it. Well we already knew that! That’s why they agreed to take care of their negligence. My husband tells him that “yes, that is what happens when there is no oil plug and all of your oil drains out”. Josh replies with well I don’t see how if you tighten it up, well Duh! that’s why we are in this predicament!

Marissa’s father begins telling Josh that he does not appreciate him insulting my intelligence by telling me that they only “repaired” her vehicle out of good faith, when I spoke to him on the phone April 19, 2017 when they let Marissa know her vehicle was ready. I let him tell me this story about how much better this engine is compared to her original. Then I had to correct him on his earlier statement about “good faith” I explained to him that it was not good faith at all! It was due to their mistake. Marissa’s father then tells Josh that he does not appreciate their belittlement and insults!

Marissa’s father then proceeds to tell Josh, all we want is for them to take that junkyard motor back out of Marissa’s vehicle, return it to the junkyard where they got it, tow her vehicle to her house and give her original engine back to us. He explains to them that they do not even have to put it back in, just give us all of the parts.

Remember the unknown Pep Boys employee?? sitting in the corner by the pop machine…….well he suddenly appears behind us and proceeds to tell Marissa’s father that they (Pep Boys) are going to handle it a different way.


By the way his name is Ken Bates, Area Director 705 N Beal St. Ft. Walton beach, Fl. (850)-862-2164 Ken then begins to tell Marissa’s father that he wants Marissa’s vehicle off of the property by Monday April 24, 2017 or “he” would file an abandoned vehicle and have it towed out!

My husband then replies with Okay that’s what you want and reach’s out to shake this mans hand, which Ken Bates refused!  I tell you what this company Pep Boys is top notch in customer service……Not really just needed a laugh.

Marissa’s father then gets into Marissa’s vehicle and drives away as I follow, he then pulls into the Winn Dixie parking lot on Montgomery Hwy and Westgate, informs me that the motor is making horrible noises and so off we go back to Pep Boys. Which is about 1/4 mile away. We go back in, ask Josh if anyone had driven Marissa’s vehicle, his reply was yes, several different mechanics drove it. My husband asks Josh to follow him outside and listen to the motor. He complied and we all walked out. Marissa’s father started the vehicle and Josh’s response was hmmm, that noise wasn’t there before…. NO SHIT! Marissa’s vehicle ran great before Pep Boys got their dirty little fingers on it! Josh then replies that there is nothing more they can or will do!

So Marissa is stuck with a vehicle that has had her engine replaced without anyone’s consent with a piece of crap motor!  Marissa’s credit card was still charged for the oil change and tire rotation. She is out the $400 and some odd dollars that she paid towards the rental!

I then start driving her vehicle home as my husband follows, wondering if I will even make it with all that motor noise going on, nervous and angry I continue driving, my blood is starting to boil, I turn the air conditioner on to cool my mad, hot self off and BAM!!! Now her air conditioner DOES NOT WORK!! Hot as hell! I continue driving. I reach our house, get out of the vehicle and I smell antifreeze………So I pop the hood, sure enough there is antifreeze oozing from her radiator that is now busted!! Her antifreeze reservoir it broke all to hell!  What the Crap!!



MVI_8818_Moment (2)


So here we are! Our daughter’s vehicle is now rendered useless! Pep Boys worked her over pretty good!

It has now been 27 days since Marissa first dropped her vehicle off at Pep Boys located at 3532 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303 for an oil change and tire rotation!  Not only does Marissa not have a vehicle to drive now, she now has to figure out how to get to and from work and college. Then start saving her small payday’s again to be able to purchase another vehicle! Thanks A lot, Pep Boys, Josh Smith, Trina Kinard, and the mysterious man with an attitude in the corner – Ken Bates! 

Pep Boys will NOT take advantage of our daughter again! I want this site to help other victims get their stories heard! This company is taking advantage of hard working men, women, girls and boys! Leaving people stranded without their vehicle and no means to buy another. Having to depend on others to get you to and from work, school, day care, doctor appointments or wherever you may need to go! Some people’s livelihood depend on their vehicles.


This is NOT OVER!

to be continued………….

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