Pep Boys Trying to Shut Us Up

June 16, 2017   Here is an excerpt from our facebook page:

Pep Boys is trying hard to shut us up. They have deleted any posts referencing this incident, that anyone has shared with them, they have managed to get my ads pulled for giving away free t-shirts, they are trying to get my web page removed from search engines, They don’t want to own up to what they have done…They want to shut us up! It’s not going to happen! We have had over 7700 views so far. With your help we can continue sharing the web site and make Pep Boys realize that no matter how big or small, right is right, wrong is wrong. You can not destroy someone’s property and there be no consequences.

I just wanted to share this posting from facebook with everyone in case our facebook account gets shut down.

It is sad when a company will go out of their way to quiet you instead of take care of their negligence. Many businesses make mistakes every day, and that is to be expected but an HONEST company will not try to shut you up, they will do everything in their powers to help you especially if they have wronged you! An HONEST company will not knowingly make you take an item that they were to perform a service on, Destroy it and then just say….Take us to court. Why should the customers only option be to sue? Why do we have to keep fighting? Why do we the customers have to suffer for their mistakes?

.What happened to companies being honest and being a Proud business owner. Your customers are what makes you! Without us, they have no business.