Pep Boys Code of Ethics

Here is an excerpt from Pep Boys  ”  CODE OF ETHICS “

15.  Application of the Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics applies to all of Pep Boys’ Directors, officers and employees (collectively, “associates”). Its purpose is to affirm Pep Boys’ dedication to the highest standards of business conduct. In addition to his/her own behavior, each associate is also responsible to ensure the ethical business behavior of those associates under his/her control or direction. Failure to comply with the principles contained in this Code will result in disciplinary action that may include termination of employment and, where applicable, referral to public authorities for appropriate action. No Code of Ethics can address all specific situations. It is, therefore, each associate’s responsibility to apply the principles set forth in this Code in a responsible fashion and with the exercise of good business judgment. Any questions arising under this Code should be addressed to your supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

WOW!  Really?  What a load of ……

This is the deceitful information they want their customers and investors to believe. What a huge deception they are portraying themselves to be. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING Pep Boys may tell you. My personal opinion is they will stomp on top of anyone and leave you stranded to get that mighty dollar. What happened to trust? You trust and pay a company to do a service to your vehicle and they destroy your vehicle, then tell you to take them to court. Honestly……What type of company does this? A CORRUPT one!

We did not ask for nor want this fight, but that is exactly what it has become. I’m so determined to spread awareness about this company. I’m so angry that my daughter was done this way. I’m angry for all of the other victims of Pep Boys. I’m angry that this company can get by with this for so many years. Not only here in Dothan Alabama, but all across the states. I’m angry that they take advantage of people. There are too many victims that could not be “heard”, too many victims that couldn’t fight back.

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  • Happened to us to, in Foley Alabama..the pep boys here did the exact thing with a maxima we had.


  • With everything you have I bet there is an attorney who will take this case on contingency and make Pep Boys pay hi/her fee!!!
    Also get this on twitter!!!!!


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