Infiniti is now on display


I have now displayed my daughters vehicle for everyone to see and hopefully share my message about this horrible, dishonest company Pep Boys.


If you see this vehicle, please take photos and post them everywhere you can. I want my message to be heard and hopefully prevent anyone else from getting screwed by  Pep Boys located at 3532 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303 (334)-792-8695

IMG_9370 (2)

Pep Boys made it loud and clear to us………when they said “Take us to court”

Well……I have a very loud and clear message for Pep Boys!


YES! We had shirts made. We are serious about getting our message heard! We are standing up for our daughter and for what is right! No one should ever be taken advantage of! We will be taking off to the road before to long and trailer this beauty behind us to spread the word about Pep Boys and of course give out t-shirts.

If you see this vehicle on display, honk your horn… that is if you support sharing and warning others of the corruption and deceit that happens to everyone, every single day!

IMG_9370 (3)

I will continue to add to this site, and our facebook page. I want to spread this message as far as it can go. I have always been the type to take a good tip, advice or warnings from people.  I just don’t want to see another person that is already struggling, (well ANY person for that matter)  to be taken advantage of, lied to, and be treated like a piece of sh….well you know what I mean.

click below

June 2, 2017








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