My Daughter is a Victim of Pep Boys!

 I want to spread Awareness about this company.

Pep Boys

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR VEHICLE. They are not capable of a simple Oil Change and Tire Rotation! Much less any other mechanics.

They have destroyed, hurt and taken advantage of enough hardworking honest people! With our daughter being one of them. We are not only standing up for our daughter. We are also standing up for any and all victims of Pep Boys negligence!

Pep Boys renders our daughter’s vehicle useless to her and then tells us to take them to court!

We are doing the next best thing that we can do! SPREADING THE WORD about how crooked and malicious Pep Boys really are! Our daughter is by far not the first victim but we’re working for it to be the last!

Please help me spread my message about Pep Boys! Everyone deserves to know the truth about the company!

One more Victim is too many! They need stopped! If we all work together and spread awareness about this Horrible company then maybe they will not be able to take advantage of anyone else!

Below is a picture of our daughter’s Infiniti QX4 that she saved for and bought herself only to have Pep Boys destroy it and turn it into a yard ornament!


This is her vehicle now, since Pep Boys rendered it useless!

IMG_9396 (2)

Here is my story and the reason for this site

My 24-year-old daughter Marissa, whom is a full-time college student and works full-time, became one of Pep Boys victims on March 25, 2017. The day her vacation was supposed to begin. Marissa had taken her Infiniti QX4  into to Pep Boys located at 3532 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303 (334)-792-8695  for a normal oil change and tire rotation.

MVI_8817_Moment (2)

Marissa had done all of the right things in order to go on her vacation. She, had made an appointment with Pep Boys at 11:00 am. Needless to say her vehicle was not ready until 2:00 pm. Well okay, being that long for an oil change and tire rotation they must have done a great job right……..WRONG!

Within an hour of her leaving Pep Boys, Marissa calls me in an hysteric panic, while stopped at a gas station she noticed a very large puddle of oil under her car.


I told her to call Pep Boys, she did and told them everything that happened. Pep Boys reply was to bring it back in. So as Marissa was taking it back to them she made it approximately 2 miles from the first puddle of oil at the gas station, her oil light came on and the vehicle made an odd noise,  she pulled into the parking lot of a local bank on West Main and Westgate and cut the vehicle off.

Marissa then calls me in tears and tells me everything that happens. My husband and I are now off to get to our daughter who is highly upset. We get to her, see her oil trail leading to her vehicle,

checked her vehicle, and all of the oil had drained from her vehicle and the oil plug was gone! The vehicle has oil all over the rear hatch and bumper. I then called Pep Boys, and spoke to Josh Smith who is the store manager. Told him about the situation she is in now. He instructed us to call 1-800-PEP-BOYS for a tow truck (after a very lengthy and heated discussion with Marissa’s father of course).

As myself, my husband, daughter, and friend waited for the tow truck, Marissa’s father notices that her tires were not rotated. He then looks at her receipt, sure enough there it was in black and white. Tires Rotated…….NOT!

The tow truck arrives. We all jump into our truck and start heading to Pep Boys. We arrived, walked in, the Manager Josh Smith exited the building through a side door and motioned for Marissa’s father to come outside. There were some very heated moments as the manager Josh tried to insult our intelligence. He was doubting anything that Marissa’s father was telling him. He kept insisting that the oil drain plug was probably just loose and it probably still had oil in it. Marissa’s father kept telling him the oil plug was GONE.  The thing that Josh did not realize is that he was talking to a man who has been in the automotive industry for twenty + years! It is a family thing…We are all savvy on vehicles!

Marissa’s father proceeds to tell this Pep Boys manager about Marissa’s tire’s not being rotated. The manager then tells us that she refused that service, NO she did not! That’s what the appointment was made for, along with the oil change! Josh says he has everything on video and will have to view it, we then asked to see the footage….of course it was never shown to us.


We were all waiting outside when the vehicle arrives. Hearts racing and tempers flaring, as our intelligence is being insulted by a Pep Boys store manager. The vehicle was never restarted after she turned the vehicle off at the bank parking lot. The crew members helped the tow man with getting the vehicle in the shop.

First thing they do is put Marissa’s vehicle up on the rack. Yes! The drain plug is gone! Oil Everywhere! They scramble around trying to find the right size drain plug. Yay! They finally found one. They drop the vehicle back to the ground. They all look like deer in headlights! The manager tells his crew to put oil back in it. Now the vehicle still has never attempted to be started. One of these nice little crew members asked Josh in a low tone if he wanted to put Lucas in it (hmmm……) Well with all four of our very angry faces looking in on them, Josh says to the crew guy to put the exact same oil back in it. They did and played around a bit, looking very hesitant to me. They finally started her vehicle……sure enough MOTOR NOISE! All of the lifters were collapsed!

One of Pep Boys mechanics (if they have those) slowly drifted her vehicle out of the garage bay, drove past us with her rattling motor, drove up the road, brings the vehicle  back, pulls into the bay and they all proceed to huddle and have their meeting of the minds. After their discussion Josh proceeds to come toward us as he is now rapidly walking back into the store and tells us that the motor is knocking and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. Josh Smith manager at Pep Boys Dothan Al. said they have “NEVER” had a drain plug come out. He shook Marissa’s fathers hand, looked him in the eye and said “We will take care of it”

Marissa’s father explained to Josh that she will need a rental car, as this one is her only means of transportation. Josh then tells us that they can’t get her one until Monday. March 27, 2017 because corporate office is closed on the east coast and they have to approve everything. By this time we all had already spent the whole day at Pep Boys. My daughter will lose two days of her vacation time because of Pep Boys!

Monday March 27, 2017 rolls around, we hear nothing from Pep Boys about the rental, I call Josh at the local Dothan Alabama Pep Boys, he says the Pep Boys claim adjuster will call me or  Enterprise Rent A Car 2443 Montgomery Hwy. Dothan AL 36303  (334)-792-6868, okay waited several hours then called Enterprise, they didn’t know anything. Needless to say after spending my day on the phone with what I call Pep Boys scammers, Enterprise finally calls at the end of the day. (not their fault…totally Pep Boys!) The car is ready. Yay! Great! That’s awesome!   WHOA!   Not so fast though……..Marissa still had to pay for insurance for the rental car along with a few other small fees!

What the crap! Pep Boys ruins Marissa’s engine, leaves her car-less for 2.5 days, still charged her credit card for the oil change that screwed up everything, and they think it is right to make her pay for their negligence!  My daughter is a very hard-working waitress that makes $3.57/hour, goes to college full-time, pays for her insurance for her Infiniti, now she has the added expense of paying for insurance for another vehicle. It’s bad enough that Pep Boys ruined her vehicle and fouled her vacation, but now she has to continually pay for it until her vehicle is ready.

Marissa paid her fees and can now use up what vacation time she has left. With the limited number of days left, that she had off and the unexpected expenses she had to pay due to Pep Boys negligence, she opted to do something locally with one of her friends, instead of going on the much needed and wanted trip to WV that she had planned for months! Marissa’s father had explained to Josh that this trip was very meaningful for her, the last time she had left WV she had a sister and this would be her first trip back to their hometown without her sister who passed away 2 years ago. Marissa was looking forward to spending her vacation with her grandmother whom she hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting in 13 years since we all moved away. Thanks a lot Pep Boys!

Okay we are passed that, Marissa has now had the rental for a week, she’s already back to school and work. We haven’t heard anything from Pep Boys about her Infiniti nor have we heard from ANYONE!

April 3, 2017 Enterprise Rent A Car calls to tell her that the car is due back. Pep Boys only paid for a week. Here we go again back on the phone calling everywhere! Marissa has got to have a vehicle! No one seems to know anything…… I call Pep Boys, Josh is now on his vacation with his family, hmmm….how ironic! The assistant manager that is at the store has no idea what needs to be done. I then called Pep Boys Corporate office at 3111 West Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia PA. (215)-430-9692  NO HELP! I was told I needed a case number, who the hell has that? The Pep Boys store that ruined Marissa’s engine sure didn’t have it! Back to the phone shuffle I go all day! I finally got the case number from Enterprise Rent A Car, of all people; you’d think I could have gotten it from Pep Boys. Enterprise Rent A Car was more helpful than any of the Pep Boys employees!

Okay, yay! I have the case number. I then call PA Corporate office back, they tell me that I need to speak to the Pep Boys claim adjuster Trina Kinard (215)-430-9095 EXT. 9692  Of course no answer, I left a detailed message explaining that Marissa’s rental is due back and that I needed a response call as soon as possible. I also left the claim number on the message. I never received that phone call, must be a Pep Boys thing! Finally the assistant manager at the Dothan Al. Pep Boys calls near the days end to tell me that the rental was extended and that Pep Boys is paying for everything.

Ok great! What is going on with her vehicle? What are the plans? When will her vehicle be ready?? Still no one has told us anything! Day by day keeps clicking on by not hearing anything.

Finally the day has come, we received our very first phone call about her vehicle on April 19, 2017 Wow! 25 days later It’s ready to pick up…..

As of April 19, 2017 Marissa has now paid $405.84 to Enterprise Rent A Car for Insurance on a car that Pep Boys of 3111 West Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia PA rented for her due to their negligence. Keep in mind, this is a young full-time college student that makes $3.57 an hour and does not have money to spare. She not only had to pay $404.84 for that rental for 25 Days, she also had to pay for her insurance on the Infiniti that sat at Pep Boys broken down due to their negligence.

Now remember…..Josh Smith from Pep Boys 3532 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303 on March 25, 2017 looked Marissa’s father in the eye while shaking his hand and told him that they would take care of her vehicle. Well how kind considering that Pep Boys destroyed her engine! 

Pep Boys claims they repaired her engine by replacing it with a junkyard motor. Myself, my husband, nor did my daughter give them permission to take the engine out of her vehicle! Much less replace it! ! Her original motor was not only removed without anyone’s consent or permission but the job was also outsourced to a different company. Who the hell consented to this! Who the hell is this company? What gives Pep Boys the right to remove her engine without any prior approval! This is not right! She came in for an oil change and tire rotation……not expecting her vehicle engine would be destroyed and pulled from her car!

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Update: April 21,



  • Did anything ever get done about this?Many lawyers would take this case for no money and would only get paid if they won your case.


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